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Thoughts on the Police Service Funding Re-allocation

Regardless of however you phrase it, taking money away from the Calgary Police Service to fund a new "framework" is defunding our Police Service. One of my primary concerns with this initiative is that reduced funding could hurt important initiatives that could make a real difference in the quality and perception of our Police Service, such as body worn cameras. Rather than defunding the service, I will advocate for the expansion of the body worn cameras by officers. I believe the cameras accomplish two things. First, they provide valuable evidence when the conduct of an officer comes into question or a citizen has a concern. Secondly, and just as importantly, they also provide valuable evidence of the great work our officers do on a day to day basis under what can be very intense situations. Part of the program should be clear and simple process for accessing the video taken by the cameras. There is currently no mention of the process on the CPS website.

For supports of the programs that are underfunded and could make a difference in the call load of the CPS, let's find the funding somewhere else.

What are your thoughts? Comment below, send me an email, or message me on Facebook. I'm all ears.

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