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Council has lowest approval rating ever

This just kind of sums it all up. Apparently it's not just me who thinks our current council is doing a bad job. According to the latest survey by ThinkHQ, most of Calgary thinks so as well.

To quote the commentary on the survey, “For as long as there has been municipal public opinion polling in Calgary, there has never been a City Council this unpopular."

That's saying something right there.

The survey comes on the heals of a recently launched petition calling for the mayor's resignation that as of this writing has collected over 12,000 signatures.

This was supposed to be the "feel good" council that was all going to get along with each other and make Calgary a better place. Seems like that strategy hasn't worked out too well. All the "happy talk" was sort of like a certain high level politician's "sunny ways". They sure can toss together a never ending helping of meaningless word salad though.

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