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No need to borrow someone else's. Sign supply, delivery, and installation are all free!

I'd just like to send out a reminder that our beautiful, yard enhancing, campaign signs are free! That's right, you can show your support for my campaign at no cost to you whatsoever!

But wait, there's more!

These highly attractive signs, sure to compliment the appearance of any front yard, also come with:

  • Free Express Delivery

  • and Free Installation

Be sure to hurry and act now as this is a time limited offer, because you know we can't do this all year.

It seems the signs are in such high demand that a supporter even witnessed one being taken from their yard in the middle of the afternoon over the weekend. There's no need to borrow from someone else. You can order your very own, today! Just complete the form on the Support Mike Page and your stunning sign will be rushed out and placed directly in your front yard for your enjoyment.

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