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Where is the button to offer a contribution?

One of the first things you see on the sites for most political candidates is a place to offer a contribution. However, one of my key priorities for the city is fiscal responsibility with an eye to controlling taxes. The irony of campaigning on a platform to take less of your money, followed by a request to please, "Give me your money" is something that isn't lost on me. If you would like, please feel free to forward any comments you may have on this idea, or let me know if you too can see the irony in asking for money while promising to take less of your money.

Some Sample Campaign Costs


Small Yard Signs - $10.00 - $13.00 (depending on qty)

Social Media Ad - $50 per short run

Large Roadside Signs - $600

1 - Printed Flyer to Each Household - $3500

That being said, the reality is that campaigns are expensive.  Here is a chart of what the winning candidates spent on their 2017 campaigns for Councillor.

I am not asking for anything that I am not prepared to spend myself.  The legislated maximum I can spend on my own campaign is $10,000.  The plan is to collect no more than that in contributions.  Fiscal responsibility calls for prudence and creativity.  It starts with running your campaign the way you intend to help run the city.




I'd like to help ...

A note about door knocking ...

Our current pandemic situation is cause for increased respect for everyone in our community. With this in mind, I will no longer be knocking on doors unannounced. We plan to be walking throughout the neighborhoods distributing information beginning in the spring but will not be asking you to open your door.  We have no way of knowing if you have at-risk people in your home and out of respect for you and your neighbors' safety we will not ring your bell unannounced. My desire to advance my campaign does not trump your right to be un-interrupted in your home.

call/text:  403-608-1665

email: info@mikelavalley.ca

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