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Green Line Project

I've included here a copy of the map for the Green Line LRT project as it now stands. The project was re-scaled primarily due to cost concerns and risks associated with the northern section as it crosses the Bow River. ( For the report on the Stage 1 Alignment - click here ). It may be too late to make changes as construction of the project pushes ahead before the next election. However, if provided the opportunity, I will advocate for postponement of the northern section all together. Rather, the south leg could be completed as originally designed.

This change would have very little impact in terms of transportation to the core from the north as construction is currently only slated to provide service to 16 Ave. Any need for more public transit along this short route could easily be serviced with busses directly along Centre Street. The postponement of this complicated and expensive part of the line could provide funding to complete the line to the rapidly growing and distant neighborhoods of Ward 12, including Calgary's relatively new and major health facility, the South Health Campus. While I haven't seen a comparative cost breakdown, it may also come in at a lower total cost as the construction on this end of the leg is much less complicated than the plan to cross the Bow River going north.

When referring to Fiscal Responsibility, it is ideas like this that create more value for our tax dollars that are part of the plan. If we could reduce the project expenditure, service citizens much further from the downtown core, and reduce traffic (particularly on Deerfoot Trail) would you support this change?

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