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Fluoride must be free ...

It looks as if we are heading for another debate on the fluoridation of Calgary drinking water. Regardless of your stance on the issue, there is a certain aspect of this story that is just leaping out at me but has yet to be commented on by anyone else. Although it would be spread out over a number of years, the cost of the program is pegged at around $30 million dollars. With regard to the cost, I find this this quote interesting, "what we heard today is they (the water utility) could absorb it without affecting anyone’s water rates."

We are regularly being told that our services are being delivered in the most cost efficient means possible and that there really isn't any more room for reductions in costs which would lower fees or taxes. If that is true, how can the $30 million dollar cost be absorbed without any increase in rates?

Please click the photo to see the article in the Calgary Herald

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