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Closing Remarks From Debate

For those of you who maybe haven't had the time to watch the whole recorded debate, I thought I would post a short 98 second video of my closing remarks. This a capture of the event as it was recorded live. I've included a transcript of these remarks below.

"I think one thing that has become really apparent in the last year and half or so is that we never know what challenges we are going face. The future is bound to be very unpredictable.

That is why it is so valuable, maybe more so than ever before, to have DECADES of relatable experience. Having faced more situations in the past and having found more ways to successfully move forward, provides a stronger foundation to build on, and rely on, to face the challenges ahead.

And I think challenges are going to arise. I think all of the candidates here have faced challenges of some sort during their campaign alone. And while we cannot always predict what we will encounter, about the ONLY THING we can control is how we respond.

One of my key priorities is respect because I’ve heard from so many people that they are tired of the bickering and divisive conduct that we've seen of those who are currently on council. As a councillor, we are going to be challenged professionally and personally on many occasions. It’s how we respond to these challenges that counts the most. Calgarians just want their representatives to focus on getting the job done.

I didn’t decide to run for councillor because I am seeking notoriety or the limelight. I am running because I feel I have a lot to offer. Also, I’m not looking to tell you HOW to live, rather I want to help you live the life that YOU want in our great city.

My pledge to you is to provide responsible, respectful representation and a voice of reason on city council."

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