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Candidate Checklist

My fiscal responsibility plan is the most actionable because it looks inward toward spending and budget control rather than outward to secure additional sources of revenue. It can be put into play the quickest because it takes action without re-inventing the wheel.

I have the freshest political perspective as I have had no involvement with provincial or federal political parties or previous council administrations.

My campaign has been the most transparent because my donor list was published well in advance of any advanced voting and I have not been promoted by any third parties whose complete list of donors was not disclosed. I also made transparency at city council a priority and spoke about a plan to improve it.

My campaign has been the most respectful as it didn't make any derogatory comments toward other candidates despite being on the receiving end of some, did not threaten legal action from me or my supporters when challenged, and I did not ask you to open your doors to me during the pandemic related health restrictions.

I've been putting forth my ideas and platform since November of last year. This gave all the voters the opportunity to study them and provide feedback and comments for months before the election. Some of the other candidates hadn't even considered running yet or didn't release their ideas until just days before the election or advanced voting.

On Monday, October 18th, the choice is yours.

Thank you.


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