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The importance of this election.

As the article linked below points out, this will be an extremely important election due to the record turnover of council seats. Perhaps more than ever before, the choice you make with your vote can make a difference in the City of Calgary. In doing your research, I would encourage you to treat it like you are interviewing someone for a job (because that is in effect what you are doing).

Some questions to keep in mind may be:

- Does the candidate have a history of success?

- Do they have a history of making good decisions?

- Are they possibly running simply because they need a job, and is that a good thing?

- Do they have the education/experience to guide an organization with a $4.5 billion annual operating budget?

- Do they have a mindset that will allow them to represent you regardless of your race, sexual identity, or age?

- Are their concepts and ideas sensible or are they driven by political idealisms from either end of the political spectrum?

There is undoubtedly going to be a large amount of rhetoric thrown about during this municipal and possible federal election campaign. During challenging times it is more important than ever to choose responsible, respectful representation and a voice of reason for city council.

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