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Statement regarding Alberta State of Health Emergency and my campaign.

In the past weeks I have been asked by countless people my opinion on Covid related protocols. My response to those inquires has been the same. Just like everyone else, I certainly have my own opinions. However, I strongly believe that each level of government should stay within its own areas of jurisdiction. Healthcare and related health matters are in the jurisdiction of the provincial government. At the municipal level, we do not have the expertise or the resources to enact protocols or legislation in contradiction to, either above or below, any standards set by the province in this area. Personally, while I am fortunate enough to have a highly trained medical professional as my closest team member and personal advisor, I can’t believe that I have enough information to know better than the large group of specialized medical officers who are working specifically on this situation every day.

Moments ago, the Premier of Alberta declared a State of Health Emergency in our province. Along with this declaration new restrictions were announced with the message to limit our personal contacts, particularly with those that are unvaccinated. As a result, I may have to adjust my campaign to adhere to not only the letter, but the spirit of these restrictions as well.

I still want very much to connect with as many residents of Ward 12 as I can. I am currently evaluating the best way to move forward with my team while respecting todays declaration. Included will be consideration for the personal preferences and situation regarding medical risk of my team members and you, the residents of Ward 12. I humbly ask for your patience while I sort through the details of today’s announcement. Should you have any questions or wish to speak with me directly please feel free to contact me via email, phone, or my Facebook page and I will personally ensure I get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you.


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