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Revised Role - M.O.C.

During an interview on election night, I made a promise that even if not elected I would continue my efforts to hold council's feet to the fire going forward. To that end, my website has been revised to reflect the change from Ward 12 Candidate to Municipal Observer / Commenter (M.O.C.). Revisions have also been made to my public Facebook page to reflect the change.

In upholding my promise this way, I plan to provide a voice in the community that attempts to keep council on track. From what they have shown in their first few days, some direction is desperately needed.

Here's a sobering thought for our newly elected Ward 12 Councillor; more people voted for someone else as councillor than did for you. A lot more. Over 50% more. Over 5600 more.

I'm fulfilling an election night promise right now. Is our new councillor representing all the people of Ward 12 or pushing his own agenda already? With the virtue signaling and social engineering we have already seen, I believe the answer is the latter. Do better. Don't lead, represent.

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