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It's all about trust, or lack thereof ...

I have spoke in the past about how a lack of transparency can lead to a lack of trust. Well, what if you are being more transparent and trust continues to erode?

Ask current council if they are transparent and I think they would state that they are. But the first Citizen Satisfaction Survey since the new council took over has just been released. I guess if people know what's going on and trust continues to erode, then you aren't doing a very good job.

There's only one question needed to evaluate a government

The question is, "Do you trust them?". Congratulations council, you just hit an all time low on that answer. Even with your own flawed methods of surveying citizens, trust in the City of Calgary is the lowest in recorded history. My questions as to why this is would revolve around the ideas that candidates campaigned on in last fall's election (or their plans that weren't mentioned) verse the actions they have taken so far.

Your thoughts?

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