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Municipal Observer / Commenter
A voice of reason.


Hello, I'm Mike LaValley

I've had the pleasure of living in Ward 12 in Calgary since moving to its community of Cranston in 2001. That was before many of its current residences or development existed.  My wife Rachel and I thoroughly enjoy the community in which we both live and work. I ran for Ward 12 Councillor in October of 2021.  Even though I did not win, I have promised to continue my efforts to hold council's feet to the fire on issues that matter to Calgarians.

The neighborhoods of Ward 12 are made up of people not only originally from Calgary, but from places far and wide.  We are a group that is diverse not only in our origins, but in our recreational pastimes and occupational pursuits that provide our livelihood.  A strength I offer as an observer and commenter on municipal politics is my extremely broad array of experience in many different environments. This experience ranges from hustling to the gas pumps and laboring in the zinc mine, to attending meetings with financial industry executives, and everything in between.  Diverse experience, and the ability to apply that experience to any challenges at hand, is why I provide a unique perspective and a voice of reason.

Learn more about Ward 12 by clicking HERE.

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